Coach Juan Catalan has been involved in Taekwondo for over 28 years, he has taught Taekwondo at the Montesorri School located in Union County NJ, as well as participated in the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program by performing Taekwondo demonstrations and holding open forums with elementary and middle school students to discuss DARE in Central New Jersey.  Coach Juan Catalan is Certified Kukkiwon 4th Degree Black Belt and Kukkiwon International Master Certified Instructor, Black Belt in Hapkido and JUDO Brown Belt Certified by USA Olympic National Judo Training Center. 

Coach Juan Catalan US National Champion and US OPEN Gold and Silver Medalist.

From the Coach:
I love to work hard and train hard to achieve my goals, I give all the best of my knowledge and abilities to my athletes and students. I tell my athletes to work towards their dreams and earn their spot in society, do not associate themselves with someone just to get something from them.


EVERYONE to the mat

Welcome to Taekwondo Athletic Center Website. We provide a unique experience for children and adults of all ages. Through our curriculum we cultivate individual strengths and allow everyone to develop at their own pace.  It also fosters a family environment in which life-long bonds between both training partners and teacher are formed. 

About our taekwondo center


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Encourages self-discipline and respect for others.

Excellent cross-training activity year-round for children and adults involved in other sports.
Increases confidence and assertiveness,

Enhances gross and fine motor skills.

Encourages physical activity and promotes weight loss.

Provides an enjoyable and disciplined setting for LD and ADHD children, improving their attention span and listening skills.